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Car Fridge / Freezer
Hi All,

We just bought a new Fridge / Freezer for Cannon X, we decided to get a Companion Lithium Dual Zone 75L Fridge / Freezer which is incredible so far it can run on the battery for up to 18 hours without the need for a secondary battery within the ute.

Our current setup until I get a rear PowerPoint installed I have a 5m 12v extension cable between the front port and the rear tub.

- 42AH Battery
- Power inlets both sides
- Opens from both sides
- Chills down to -20
- Keeps Beer nice and cold

- Almost a meter long
- Weighs 30kg empty
- Solar Needs its own MPPT Controller

What fridge would you buy for your Ute or what is your current Camp setup?

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Truck: GWM Cannon X 
Modifications: Towbar, Roller lock shutter.
Coming Soon: Light Bar, New Verticle bike rack

since my retirement from the Army after 32 years service I decided I will need something a little less tactical than a hootchie and Hexamine stove to satisfy my love of camping and kayak fishing trips. Although these served me quite well through the years, its now time for a little more comfort as the bones are starting to creak some. I wanted something with some room to stand up in, a covered area to cook and eat, something made of canvas although it is heavier, of a quality build, and reasonably quick to erect.

Another thing I wanted was a Fridge/Freezer, boy arent they expensive. I reckoned a 60Lt would do me as well as a few friends on longer trips, something reasonably light and with a good guarantee period. So after long hours of research, reading reviews and pricing, I bought something that I reckon suits my needs.................... my Fridge /Freezer and one man tent.

I brought an Ebay 80ltr fridge with seperate freezer section for 630 delivered almost 6 years ago and it still works perfectly today.

Although the new Waecos have lot more features nowdays

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